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    來源:http://www.c51688.com/ 來源:http://www.c51688.com/ 發布時間:2023-04-28

    Aluminum coil is a widely used aluminum product that can be seen in various industries. To ensure the effectiveness of the product, relevant rules should be strictly followed during processing and use. Below, the aluminum coil manufacturer will introduce its processing and usage precautions to you.
    1. Installation direction: When installing copper colored aluminum coils on the same plane, the process direction should be consistent. Otherwise, visual color difference may occur.
    2. Notch: When using a slot or gong machine for slotting, a milling cutter with a semicircular head shape greater than 90 degrees should be selected. Do not damage the aluminum coil too deeply or fold it too shallow with the bottom knife. Bend the plastic core and aluminum plate with a thickness of 0.2-0.3mm together to improve strength and toughness. Otherwise, the aluminum coil will break or the film will explode during bending

    3. Usage conditions: The inner wall panel should be used indoors and cannot be set outdoors to ensure its effectiveness and lifespan.
    4. To transport: When handling the board, the inclined surface of the board should be lifted at the same time, and pushing or extracting is strictly prohibited to avoid scratching the board surface.
    5. Arc machining: Aluminum coil manufacturers should use special bending equipment to process the arc, slowly apply force to gradually reach the required surface of the coil, and do not bend it at once.
    6. Tearing film: The protective film should be torn off within 45 days after installing the aluminum coil. Otherwise, difficulties in tearing or transfer of adhesive may occur.
    7. Storage: The aluminum coils should be stored in a dry and ventilated place, flat on a flat surface, and do not step or collide.
    8. Layout: There may be color differences between coil materials of different models and other layouts. When selling and using different batches of boards, a color difference comparison program should be added. Only when there is no visual color difference can it be used on the same plane.

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