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    Material and price differences
    Aluminum plates generally use 2-4mm thick AA1100 pure aluminum plates or AA3003 aluminum alloy plates, which are generally used for our. 5mm thick AA3003 aluminum alloy plates; Aluminum plastic panels generally adopt a 3-4mm three-layer structure, including two 0.5mm clips of PVC or PE on the top and bottom. From the material perspective, it can be seen that the cost of aluminum plastic panels is definitely much lower than that of aluminum veneer.
    Differences in processing

    At present, fluorocarbon sprayed aluminum plates are mainly used in China, and the processing process includes sheet metal processing and spraying. Sheet metal processing mainly involves cutting edges, arc welding, polishing, and other processes. The aluminum plates are processed into the shape and size required for construction; Spraying is the process of spraying on processed sheet metal, which involves manual spraying and machine spraying. Machine spraying is generally only applicable to regular flat plates, and a major advantage of manual spraying is that it can be selected regardless of size and color.
    The roller coating of aluminum plastic plates must reach the recommended amount before processing. The processing technology of aluminum plastic plate is more complex than that of aluminum plate, mainly including four processes: chemical coating, composite edge trimming. Except for trimming, these four processes are all automatic production. From its processing technology, it can be seen that aluminum plastic panels have suggested advantages in environmental protection and reliability. In addition, the simplicity of the sheet metal processing of aluminum panels has led some private workshops to enter, seriously affecting the stability of the market quality of aluminum panels.
    Performance cost difference
    The appearance of aluminum plate is worse than that of aluminum plastic plate, but its mechanical properties are significantly better than aluminum plastic plate, and its wind pressure resistance performance is also better than aluminum plastic plate.
    Fireproof characteristics: Aluminum panels do not burn, and in the early days, aluminum plastic panels could not be fireproof. However, with the development of aluminum plastic panel technology, the current production of fireproof aluminum plastic composite panels has added non-toxic and flame-retardant materials to PE, greatly improving the fire resistance performance and fully meeting the needs of engineering fire protection. There are suggested residual values for aluminum panels, but due to their high cost, the waste is much greater than that of aluminum plastic composite panels with almost no residual value.
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