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    來源:http://www.c51688.com/ 來源:http://www.c51688.com/ 發布時間:2023-04-17

    Aluminum coil air strip and slag inclusion
    Possible causes of casting and rolling: production process not strictly implemented (refining not in place), inadequate air removal outside the furnace (air leakage in the air removal box), inadequate aluminum water treatment, ineffective filtration (filter box not functioning properly), and excessive air humidity.
    Rectification measures: one-time feeding, spraying covering agent according to the operating process, strengthening refining, solving the problem of gas box leakage, cleaning the aluminum water treatment, adding filtration devices, and ensuring the filtration of aluminum water.
    Long strip shaped small cracks in aluminum coil
    Possible causes of casting and rolling: damaged or damaged nozzle skin
    Rectification measures: The above issues immediately broke, ensuring that the chewing leather is intact during the production process.
    Three aluminum coil black strip
    Possible problems with casting and rolling: inadequate process execution and poor aluminum water treatment.
    Rectification measures: Develop production processes and strengthen aluminum water treatment.

    Scratches on four aluminum coils
    Possible reasons for casting and rolling: the lower table of the shearing machine rubs against the surface of the aluminum plate.
    Rectification measures: Rectify the lower surface of the shearing machine.
    The above are the quality issues that will be encountered after the production of aluminum coils. At the same time, we have also provided the change measures we want. When quality issues arise, they should be promptly rectified, attention should be paid to quality testing, and customers should not be left to solve the problem. Ah, customers need good service.
    How to avoid scratches on rustproof aluminum coils
    Treatment Method for Preventing Surface Scratches and Surface Scratches on Anti rust Aluminum Rolls
    During the processing of anti rust aluminum coils, scratches are prone to appear on the surface, which seriously affects the appearance of the aluminum coil. This is usually caused by improper processing. Therefore, avoiding scratches on aluminum coils during the processing has become a very important task. So, what methods can we use to avoid scratches on aluminum coils during the production process? What should be done with those scratched aluminum wire rings? The following is how to avoid scratches on aluminum coils and aluminum wire coils.
    Method for avoiding scratches on aluminum coils:
    When producing aluminum coils, attention should be paid to the production of the mold line. After generating the line, the mold should be loaded in a timely manner to stop production.
    The working strip on the aluminum coil mold should be polished smooth, and the empty blade of the extrusion mold should be sufficiently smooth.
    During production and transportation, try not to drag the aluminum coil. There should be no inclusions on the track or rotating bed.
    In the process of machining rust resistant aluminum coils by CNC, it is also necessary to prevent residual aluminum slag on the fixture from being trapped.
    During the aluminum coil sawing process, the sawdust should be promptly cleaned after each sawing to prevent secondary scratching and minimize mutual friction between the aluminum coils.
    Scratch treatment method for aluminum coils:
    Physical methods for aluminum coils: mechanical polishing, sandblasting, wire drawing, etc. This method is used for deep scratches.
    Aluminum coil chemical method: Polishing using chemical reagents. In short, chemical reagents are used to corrode the surface of rust resistant aluminum coils, especially scratches with sharp edges. After chemical polishing, lighter scratches can be basically eliminated. Usually, these two methods can achieve a good decorative effect on the appearance of aluminum coils. The combination of sand tables requires consideration of the overall decoration style and corporate philosophy of the exhibition hall when making the base.

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